I finally got a zigbee2mqtt setup running just before Christmas. For those who don’t know, its an opensource project that has created a universal Zigbee gateway that can connect to a huge number of devices, its also very easy to get it to support new devices aswell. 
Zigbee is a low-power mesh network system designed for home automation and sensor networks. A number of manufactures use Zigbee as their communications system of choice, including Phillips Hue, Samsung Smartthings, Ikea Tradfri and Xiaomi MiHome/Aquara.
Zigbee2mqtt provides a number of benefits, firstly it enables one to ditch the multiple Zigbee gateways required to operate differing manufactures devices. Second, because I have now ditched my Xiaomi gateway I don’t have to worry about it phoning home to Xiaomis questionable china-based cloud platform. Also the fact that it converts the Zigbee device data to MQTT means that your Zigbee devices are now universally supported.


I will get a full guide up soon!

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