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Presence Detection

WiFi Presence Detection using Ubiquiti Unifi controller

Introduction Presence detection is a useful functionality to implement on your HA system. Not only is it useful to know when certain family members are in or out of the house, it allows you to trigger  functions based on this data. There are couple of options for implementing presence detection, these include BLE Tags, PIR …


Setup of Milight Gateway on NodeMCU

Having discussed Milight and Chris Mullins NodeMCU Milight Gateway in a prevous article, I thought it might be nice to create a little walkthrough of what’s involved in getting this up and running and connected to Domoticz. Part 1 – Setting up the NodeMCU Hardware and Software First the hardware NodeMCU (or compatible ESP8266 module), …


433mhz Automated Christmas Tree Lights

Its that time of year again, decking the halls, hanging the stockings, and the hassle of having to stick your arm behind the Christmas tree to turn the damn lights on and off! First world problems… Time for some 433mhz magic! Something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years and that I’ve never …